The Striver’s Curse

Strivers Curse

What is the “striver’s curse”? 

Arthur Brooks, in his book “Strength to Strength”, defines it as a curse affecting those who strive to be excellent at what they do, but often wind up “finding their inevitable decline terrifying, their successes unsatisfying, and their relationships lacking.” 

Does this definition describe anyone you know?

Many lawyers profess to want to work until they drop, and for a multitude of reasons: financial need, desire to serve others, and to keep the saw sharp for as long as possible. 

But Brooks says that a professional decline is inevitable, it’s just a matter of when that downward curve starts to show.

Transitions are a part of life. We can accept them as they come, or we can proactively plan for them. Creating a succession plan doesn’t mean you stop working today, but it provides a framework for the next two to ten years, depending on how much of a planner you are.

Read more about the “striver’s curse” and its impact on the inevitable professional decline that all of us must accept in Jill Switzer’s recent article, “What is The Striver’s Curse”.

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Camille Stell is the President of Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services and the co-author of Designing A Succession Plan for Your Law Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide for Preparing and Packaging Your Firm for Maximum Value. Continue this conversation by contacting Camille at or 800.662.8843.

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