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Writing and publishing a book is a dream come true for some people. For others, it is at least a great career accomplishment. We understand because we have experienced that satisfaction ourselves. And we would love to assist you reach this dream as well.

Getting from idea to publication is a long journey. And we can help you get there. Because we have done it, we can save you time and money. We know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Let us accompany you on your journey to publication.

Step 1: The Journey

  • EDITORIAL CONSULTATION. A strategic meeting with your Editor and Publisher at the outset of the process will ensure that your writing experience is as rewarding as possible, resulting in efficiencies and processes that save you money, as well as offering writing tips that will help you as move from idea to final product.
  • PLANNING THE BOOK. Having an experienced team help plan the book before you start writing will save you time and money and will make your writing experience one you will enjoy.
  • EDITORIAL SERVICES. We will identify your ideal reader and core concepts, and help you prepare an editorial calendar, making sure your book is professional and readable.
  • DESIGN SERVICES. Your cover art shouldn’t be an after-thought; crafting the look and feel of your book is as important as the words on the page.
  • PUBLISHING SERVICES. Authors are often surprised at the fees involved in self-publishing. Our team will assist in the many steps necessary from obtaining a domain name to use in later promotions to purchasing ISBN numbers to expertise with the technology platform.
  • PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY. Our team will help you create the conversation that will put your book in the hands of an appreciative reader.
  • Editorial consult with author and publishing team to refine book scope, concept, and length
  • Identify your Ideal Reader
  • Identify your Core Concepts
  • Develop a Title and Sub-title
  • Prepare a Working Outline
  • Prepare an Organizing Structure
  • Prepare an Editorial Calendar
  • Provide accountability to meet deadlines
  • Serve as book coach with on-call availability when problems arise of progress stalls
  • Professional proofreading and line editing
  • Professional copy-editing of final manuscript

Step 2: Editorial Service

Step 3: Design Service

  • Author and Design Team consult to create a design plan that will move your book into the hands of readers.
  • Create a Book Cover with a design matching the theme and content of the book using stock art, custom illustrations or custom photography.
  • Layout of chapters and pages including font and chapter design
  • Create appendix
  • Coordination of file uploads
  • Publication checklist
  • Purchase ISBN package
  • Upload book to publishing platform
  • Conversion to e-Book
  • Purchase the domain name for the book promotion website
  • Create website to promote the book

Step 4: Publishing Service

Step 5: Promotional Service

  • Create a targeted communication plan to increase awareness and sales of the book
  • Create book pitch to market the book
  • Create social media campaign
  • Research book review opportunities
  • Research speaking opportunities, book readings or partnership opportunities

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