The Most Powerful Attorney in the World

For more than 35 years, Jay Reeves practiced law in South Carolina and North Carolina, working variously as a trial attorney, Legal Aid lawyer, solo practitioner, corporate counsel, and insurance Vice-President and Risk Manager. Off hours, he was married with four children and dealing with the usual Stuff of Life.

At night he wrote these stories.

They first appeared in a corporate newsletter that came out each month. The stories kept coming, the months added up, the seasons passed.

And a strange and wonderful thing happened. The stories became less and less about law and legal liability, and more and more about loss, love, longing, laughter and life’s lasting luminescence.

Memories of the green early days become The Associate in the Shower Curtain and The Lawyer Who Ran but Couldn’t Hide. The middle seasons yield The Pig-Tailed Pitcher in Traffic Court and Every Law Life Needs a Treehouse. Losing a parent brings Fathers, Sons and Little League and The Phone That Never Rang, losing a pet The Lawyer Who Cried Woof.

And some of the many lessons taught by clients, colleagues and judges over the decades are captured in Every Lawyer’s Worst NightmareWhy I Attacked an Attorney with a Laserand Surf’s Up at Folly Beach.

“The Most Powerful Attorney in the World, a collection of stories and insights by Jay Reeves, is a welcome reflection as to what is truly important in our lives on a daily basis in the high-stress environment we have chosen as our profession in hopes that we can make a contribution for the betterment of our society.”

Anthony di Santi, Attorney  |  Former president, NC State Bar  | di Santi Watson Capua Wilson & Garrett, PLLC – Boone, NC