Speaking and CLE Topics

Lawyers Mutual Consulting and Services offers CLE programs, as well as speaking engagements, seminars and custom programs, on the following topics:

Change Management
Emerging Legal Issues
Professional Development and Leadership
Succession Planning, Transition and Retirement


Change Management

Changing Landscape of Client Expectations
Everything about our client relationships is changing, including how clients search for lawyers, how clients identify legal problems, and how clients communicate with their lawyers.
We will explore the changing landscape and discuss strategies for 21st lawyers to maintain relevance in a “do-it-yourself” world. You will leave the program with a practical roadmap to improve client communications and strengthen client relationships.

Leading Change
The mere mention of change causes us to feel discomfort. Why is this? There are multiple reasons, but at the root of these is a common trend: the need for strong change leadership.
Law firm leaders know their law firms need to embrace change, but we need to sharpen our change management skills. Join us for a discussion of the psychology behind change and why we resist change, learn to address the common factors that limit success, and learn skills to intentionally cultivate change in today’s law firms.


Emerging Legal Issues

What’s Hot and What’s Not
Emerging legal trends include continued the DIY client, the changing work environment, proliferation and rapid growth of alternative legal services providers, advances in technology and inter-generational challenges. How do these trends impact your law firm? Join Camille Stell from Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services as she discusses trends and law firm response.

Building 21st Century Law Firms for a Changing Legal Marketplace”
21st century law firms face increasing challenges. The client of the future is here and demanding that legal services be delivered in improved and more efficient ways. Join Camille Stell from Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services for a discussion around the collision of forces arising from 21stcentury clients, multi-generational law offices, and a changing legal marketplace.
What do our Clients want? Understanding and Managing 21stCentury Clients
Difficult client relationships are often an underlying cause of malpractice claims or bar complaints. Join us for a discussion on how to manage 21stcentury clients:

  • Understanding the challenges of the 21stcentury client
  • Recognizing the “red flag” client
  • Making the difficult decision to fire a client
  • Disclosing potential malpractice to a client
  • Satisfied clients: how to provide an “effortless experience”


Professional Development and Leadership

Strategic Networking: A Guide for Women Rainmakers
Do you dread cocktail parties? Struggle for clever conversation? Agonize over wasting your time with no results? In this program we will discuss every aspect of networking from choosing the right event to planning your conversation starters. Women at every career stage and in every firm size will leave this program with practical tips to better focus your networking efforts to get more results.

The Grit Project: True Grit and a Growth Mindset

The ABA Commission on Women in the Profession Grit Project educates women lawyers about the science behind grit and growth mindset – two important traits that many successful women lawyers have in common. By providing the tools to assess and learn these traits, the Grit Project enhances the effectiveness as well as the retention and promotion of women lawyers and other women legal professionals.
Attend this program if you are a female legal professional looking for common characteristics of success or if you manage, support or mentor female legal professionals.

The Confidence Code

Working women today are better educated and more qualified than ever before. Yet men still dominate by many measures in the corporate world. In The Confidence Code, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman argue that the key reason is confidence. Join Camille Stell as she facilitates a discussion about the leadership concepts behind the book that will challenge our thinking about the workplace.

Creating Conversations
This workshop is designed to provide you with practical tools and best practices on how to increase your visibility and attract business opportunities. Through discussion and group exercises, you will learn:

  • Branding for Lawyers: What Does It Look Like?
  • Strategic Networking and Why it’s Important
  • Perfecting the Elevator Pitch


Business Etiquette 2.0
Enhance your executive presence through mastery of business and professional etiquette rules. Learn the skills that will make you more comfortable in professional situations whether it’s dining with the C-Suite or interviewing for the next level job. Join the discussion and master tips that will propel your networking skills and enhance your reputation as a leader and rainmaker.


Next Generation Leadership
Lack of leadership in law firms is a growing problem in law firm sustainability. We promote our lawyers who often have the best legal skills, but not the necessary people skills, soft skills and business skills to the very important task of running the business side of the law practice. Leadership development is key to develop entrepreneurial lawyers who are building 21stcentury law firms.


Designing Your Life
Are you interested in designing a life you can thrive in an any age or stage? Join Camille Stell as she facilitates a book club discussion about the concepts behind the book, “Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life” that will challenge our thinking about career building and creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Succession Planning, Transition and Retirement

An Exploration of Lawyers in Transition
This program is designed to explore challenges being faced by an aging legal population, review the impact of cognitive impairment and normal aging on lawyers’ competency, and to challenge lawyers to prepare for and look forward to life in retirement.

Charting a Path for Succession Planning
The statistics are alarming:

  • 400,000 lawyers in the United States are 62 and older
  • 30 – 40% of actively practicing lawyers are at the age and stage where they are beginning to retire or to contemplate retirement
  • 63% of law firm partners, aged 60 or older, control at least ¼ of their firm revenue
  •  Most law firms do not have succession plans in place.

Is your firm prepared for your most active rainmaker to retire? Is recruiting and retention of top talent a challenge because you have not addressed succession? This program will guide you through the challenges to succession planning, a deep dive into succession planning, along with best practices for your firm to develop a successful model to transition lawyers and clients through the process.

Life After Law
Studies show that retirement is considered one of life’s major stress events. This is especially true for lawyers who have spent a lifetime identifying themselves as a professional. Once you have worked through the legal, financial and transition elements of your retirement, you will also need to adopt a mindset for retirement. During this session we will discuss common fears of retirement. We will explore the possibilities for your next phase of life which may include part-time work, pro bono legal work, charity and community involvement. Through exercises and group discussion, you will develop a plan for your future.

Designing Your Life for Retirement: Happiness and Health As a Lifelong Learner
Lawyers spend a lifetime identifying themselves as a professional. Once you have worked through the legal, financial and transition elements of your retirement, you also need to adopt a mindset for retirement. During this interactive conversation, we will discuss designing a life you can thrive in during your next stage. You will leave this session with a new view on what retirement means and a fresh look at your future.