Life After Law

Did you know you might be sitting on an asset that’s worth more than you ever imagined? It’s your law practice. You’ve spent years building your practice to where it is now. You’ve invested time, effort and money in it. Don’t let all that go to waste. We can make sure you’re rewarded for your investment. And just as important, we can help protect your professional legacy.

Customized for you:

  • One-on-one consulting call
  • 3-hour Succession Planning CLE
  • 8-hour “Transferring Ownership” Workshop for solo and small firms
  • Law firm visit and development of personalized succession plan



Register for our Succession Planning Video Replay CLE in an area near you and learn the secrets of buying, selling, and other succession strategies available to lawyers to continue to practice without fear.

Join us for a Succession Planning Workshop – Transferring Ownership of Your Law Firm to the Next Generation. November 11-12, Raleigh.