Managing Partner Summit is Becoming Online Community Leading Law

The Managing Partner Summit was created three years ago to be a place where NC law firm leaders gathered to network, share ideas, and hear from engaging speakers on business of law topics. This event happened annually, at the State Bar in Raleigh.

The Pandemic of 2020 shut down the third annual event and it doesn’t look like we’ll be gathering in person in 2021.

A virtual community is something I have long wanted to build, and this is the right time to do it. Leading Law is a community that is open to all size law firms, to anyone in the firm who is involved in law firm leadership – from the solo owner to the business development manager to the paralegal who wears multiple hats in firm management.

Leading Law is built using the Mighty Networks platform. A login and password will be required, and then the Mighty Networks platform will push alerts and notifications to you (if you choose) so you will see new content or discussions as they happen.

Leading Law will be the place where you can find articles, surveys, polls, and discussion boards. You will meet new colleagues and establish relationships in a virtual environment that will carry over into real life and real help with your practice.

There will continue to be events, some in person and some virtual, which will allow more people to participate. I am anticipating a first or second quarter presentation from some of the speakers who were slated to speak at the 2020 MPS.

You will continue to see more about Leading Law as we build it, but I encourage you to check it out by visiting the Mighty Networks platform at, set up a password, and visit Leading Law.

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