3 Issues Keeping Lawyers Up at Night

The battle for talent continues to intensify.

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Nationwide, there are 8,000+ openings for attorneys in the Summer of 2021, greatly exceeding 2017-2019 when open job numbers were between 6,000 – 6,500.

Impacting the job market:

  • Relocations driven by the Pandemic
  • Remote work driven by the Pandemic
  • Decreased importance of geography based on employer flexibility
  • Concern about safety of working due to the pandemic
  • Child care issues and aging care issues impacting family members trying to work or forcing them out of the workplace
  • Rising revenues and profits in BigLaw leading to rising salaries and bonuses
  • Several Am Law 200 firms have increased salaries in smaller cities to match or move closer to major market salaries
  • BigLaw talent search puts a strain on small to mid-size firms as they struggle to compete for the best talent


How effective is LinkedIn for recruiting? The Jobvite Recruiter Nation 2016 report found that 87% of recruiters found LinkedIn to be the most effective platform in finding vetted candidates. With such a competitive landscape for finding great talent, law firms can’t afford to ignore LinkedIn for recruiting.


Companies with diverse workforces are more profitable and have greater chances of recruiting and retaining top talent. The largest law firms have had Diversity programs for years. But Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policies are not limited to BigLaw. Millennials and GenZs want to work in diverse workplaces and lack of diversity is often cited as a reason young lawyers leave firms. Build your workforce today with retention in mind by hiring more diverse talent.

Compensation and Benefits

The traditional benefits package will no longer suffice. In fact, 98% of business leaders surveyed by the Harvard Business Review plan to offer or expand at least one employee benefit such as childcare, flexible work arrangements,  or improved mental health support.

Leading Law Roundtable

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Camille Stell is the President of Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services and the co-author of Designing A Succession Plan for Your Law Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide for Preparing and Packaging Your Firm for Maximum Value. Continue this conversation by contacting Camille at camille@lawyersmutualconsulting.com or 800.662.8843.

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